Peer Review Process

Any manuscript submitted to this journal is first checked by an editor for evaluating whether the manuscript is suitable with the journal's aim and scope, the completions of all elements of manuscript, such as the IMRAD, the clearness of tables and figures, proper referencing, and also possible plagiarism. The author will be notified if flaws are found in this step. Once there are no flaws, the manuscript is further submitted to at least 2 independent peer-reviewers. The reviewing process is double-blind. In the case when two independent peer-reviewers have opposing decisions, the third peer-reviewer will be asked to review the manuscript and his/her decision will be final for determining whether the manuscript is accepted or rejected. Reviewers' comments are sent anonymously to the author for revision. Once a revised manuscript is regarded as eligible for publication, a Letter of Acceptance is issued for the corresponding author. The whole process will take place for approximately eight weeks.